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Mudrashram® Publishing began in 1984. It has served to publish a series of workbooks, educational and workshop materials for individuals receiving services from the Mudrashram® Institute of Spiritual Studies.

In 2005, Mudrashram® Publishing became registered as a business, with the aim to produce three types of materials:

  1. To continue producing workbooks and educational materials for the Mudrashram® Institute of Spiritual Studies to be used in classes, workshops, seminars, and public lectures.

  2. To provide continuing education materials for those individuals who take and complete the Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation, Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation, or the Accelerated Meditation Program.

  3. To publish books and booklets about meditation for the general public, which will be available for distribution through bookstores and bookselling outlets on-line. This line will also include poetry, self-help/recovery, and inspirational-themed volumes.


Workbooks and Educational materials

Mudrashram® Publishing has made available to the participants of classes and workshops of the Mudrashram® Institute of Spiritual Studies,the following workbooks and educational materials:


The Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation Workbook, Third Edition (1999) • Revised Third Edition (2004)


The Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation Workbook (2000)


Meditation for Therapists Workbook (2001)


The Mudrashram® Meditation Compact Disk Series (2002)


The Satsang Program Home Study Course (2002)


The Accelerated Meditation Program (2005)


The Mudrashram® Correspondence Course (2006)


The Mudrashram® Teacher Training Manual, volume one (2006)


The Introduction to Meditation Training Manual, second edition (2010)


The Foundations of Practical Meditation Course (2014)


Samadhi Week Retreat Workshop Manual (2015)


The Mudrashram® Teacher Training Manual, volume two (2016)


A Consumer's Guide to Meditation, second edition (2016) • eBook available on the Mudrashram home page


Meditation 101: A Survey of Meditation Methods (2016) • A Community College Course


Meditation for Hatha Yoga Students and Teachers (2016)


Each of these workbooks has specific prerequisites. They are not made available, except to those who are course participants.

The Accelerated Meditation Program is a by-mail version of the Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation; it was designed for those who cannot take this foundation meditation class in person. You can now take an augmented version of the Accelerated Meditation Program on-line, which includes video training in addition to the text and audio files.


Continuing educational materials

We envision that these books and booklets will supplement course and workshop materials, and will be made available to those individuals who have taken our classes—the Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation, the Accelerated Meditation Program, or the Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation. These books will not be available to the general public, but will have prerequisites for study. They are advanced, esoteric, and not generally accessible, except for those who have had the preparation through these foundation classes to appreciate them.


Books for the general public

As these books become available, these books will be distributed at our workshops, Light Sittings and classes, plus you will be able to order them on this web site. Later on, we plan to release selected popular titles through normal retail channels and on-line sources such as Amazon.com.


We began our release of books in January 2008, and we will keep you informed when new titles are released.


Our New eBooks on Amazon


eBook Title Release Date Table of Contents
Money and Spirituality July 15, 2022 View
Spirituality and Relationship July 21, 2022 View
Sexuality and Spirituality July 28, 2022 View
Keys to Meditation August 6, 2022 View
The Great Continuum of Consciousness: An Overview August 12, 2022 View
Good Ego, Bad Ego: Understanding the Seven Facets of the Ego August 17, 2022 View
Understanding Karma and Destiny August 24, 2022 View
A Primer on Spiritual Ethics and Character September 3, 2022 View
Spiritual Coaching September 9, 2022 View
A Treatise on Spiritual Longing July 29, 2023 View
Meditations on Christianity August 5, 2023 View
Understanding Volition August 8, 2023 View
Conspiracy Theories August 11, 2023 View
Karmic Darkening and Spiritual Falls August 18, 2023 View


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